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Industry 4.0 for students

The fourth industrial revolution does not only optimize and change the manufacturing. It also will change the new, self-thinking factories of tomorrow. Professionals will be needed who are able to understand and control the new developing processes. To teach todays professionals for tomorrows working world, the Universities in Sigmaringen, Germany establishes an "Industry 4.0" Master Concept beginning this winter semester.


"Competence center Master Industry 4.0"

The real and virtual worlds keep coming closer together. The automotive industry, the mechanical engineering and the power supply - none of these branches work without networked systems according to "schwä". The ideal picture of industry 4.0: an intelligent factory in which a self-organized production takes place. The products will be able to communicate with the production site and reorder components by themselves and so on.

For all of this to work there are challenges to be faced. Like questions which will exist in the coming digitalized economy about law and standards, IT-Safety, data protection and qualification of professionals. Next to IT expert qualifications, technology and economics especially interdisciplinary competences are wanted according to the University. Because when the product is able to „communicates" with machines, the responsible person needs to know this language, too.

That is exactly the challenge the University in Sigmaringen, Germany is dealing with and developed a new concept for an interdisciplinary Master program. The basics come with an introduction class with the topic "Industry 4.0" in which all professors introduces their subject. There are also elective modules and projects, which are supported by at least two degree programs.

See below for the link to the original article:,-Hochschule-bereitet-Studenten-auf-Industrie-40-vor

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