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Industry 4.0 survey: middle-sized businesses still have their doubts

Generally it is necessary and wise, but the fear is the investment costs and the lack of professional staff. These are the results of a current survey from the consulting company Ernst & Young in corporation with Bitkom research regarding "The introduction of Industry 4.0 in small middle-sized businesses".


The fear of digitization

With one fact every interviewed company agrees: Industry 4.0 is very wise and necessary to have for the future, it comes with a high flexibility in production processes and has strategic advantages according to qz-online. In spite of these facts two main reasons keep the small middle-sized companies away from optimizing their production with Industry 4.0. According to the survey two out of three companies (64%) complain about the investment costs that would simply exceed all current budget plans. The other 57% interviewed companies’ currently just don´t have qualified personnel to keep up with Industry 4.0.

The survey shows more interesting facts

Industry 4.0 has not reached the strategic importance in all sectors yet. While the topic is very important in the mechanical engineering section, for the manufacturer of vehicles, sports equipment and synthetic material it isn't that important.

The size of the companies matters. For companies with 100 to 499 employees the Industry 4.0 is very important, for companies with more than 500 employees it becomes the most important strategic fact.

Click here to get to the original article with all results:

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