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Interview: Which expectations do AutoID user have currently from the industry?

Now a days end users don’t have time or any budget for complicated and expensive solutions to integrate AutoID technology into their own system environment. Tools for the automatic data capturing should be immediately operational and instantly profitable. These are experiences of PANMOBILs Marketing Manager Stefan Leske. In the interview he reports on what the AutoID market needs to concentrate on.


You are in a daily basis dealing with customers and decision makers of the AutoID industry. What does the end user expect from the current market and the technology?

The end user expects highest operational standard of flexibility from hard- and software. So the junction of all manufacturer on the market with the own technology and the interplay of all existing components among each other. This includes the junction with existing hardware as well as the interplay of individual software solutions. Not only the “bare existence” of individual periphery or operating systems, but also complete solutions, which seamlessly work together and are enormously flexible. Especially the topic “Middleware” will be a very important subject. A Middleware which does not intervene with the IT infrastructure of the users or remodels everything in the company, but a Middleware which makes it tremendously easy to transfer AutoID data without being dependent from a special hardware. The business is moving faster than the years before, fast hardware is expected and an even faster software solutions. In the past the integration of data capturing systems were processed meticulously from a booklet. Today you don’t want that anymore! Today it is like many end users and partners don’t have the time and the muse to deal with complicated and expensive solutions. They want a simple plug and play solution.

This simple solution you will find especially in the PANMOBIL EMMware with SCOUTtechnology!

PANMOBILs embedded Middleware is particularly for those who doesn’t want or cannot deal with the complex topic "IT" everyday. The important point here is not only that the end

user can transmit their data easily, but to communicate with the decision makers in the IT section to explain that we do not intervene with their IT infrastructure and there are no costs for training the staff. The staff knows immediately how to transmit the data: directly “out of the box”. Whoever worked with the PANMOBIL EMMware and realized how simple it is to configure the data transmission, don’t want to give away the important and interesting tool anymore. This simple technology functions well, because everything on our devices can be preinstalled by demand. You connect the AutoID tools wirelessly or via cable with a computer, you get an understandable pop-up on your windows desktop, with which the whole installment is self explanatory. My favorite function of the EMMware is clearly, that the staff member can easily decide to transmit the data via email directly from the device to the targeting system like Navision or SAP. That is smart, that is great! Simple and understandable for everyone!

For which areas that data capturing is applied, is this specially interesting?

Industry, retail, logistics, healthcare, fleet services, Kanban systems- actually all areas where the staff members are going around and generating the daily business actively. Especially for the facility management, service and maintenance are very interesting for the application of the Middleware: where you cannot find an existing structure, but still need to provide a smooth processing in the daily business. We at PANMOBIL have recognized the trend, that smartphones and tablets become more and more an important tool, not only as a helping tool to optimize the operating processes, but also to monitor and control specific logistic processes. Here it is important, that you find an easy connection between our products and the other tools, that move into the area of mobile data capturing.

When many companies, apply the EMMware in the future, how will the production environment develop in your opinion?

The fear to intervene with the system infrastructure will decrease! And especially the question “Where does my data go to” because EMMware gives us all options we have. Important is that decision maker realize: there are uncomplicated tools in the market, which don’t need to be really installed or assimilated. Tools which are not only competitive for the IT administration, but also entirely support plug and play and realize the immediate junction to the existing infrastructure of the partner. From my view the commercial aspect is also essential: you can start and run: We generate a fast profit for you as an end user with the EMMware without any investments in trainings, IT staff or complicated technology. The usage of already existing resources that is our goal.

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