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Is this the end of QR-Codes for marketing purposes?

On individual products, on shopping windows and generally in advertisings you can find QR-Codes. You can capture them with your smartphone to get more information about a product. Panasonic developed a new light technology with which such QR-Codes could be vanished in the future.


"Light ID technology"

Instead of QR-Codes Panasonic counts on light signal codes in their newest development. Up to today QR-Codes made it possible to get more information about products and to watch marketing videos on your smartphones, in future that kind of information should be created by special pulsing light sources. Panasonic calls them "Light ID Technology". Light sources in the near of products/banners/shopping windows give up pulses, that cannot be seen by the human eye, but can be captures by the smartphones cameras. Similar to a Light Morse Code the information are recognized by the camera and converted into an internet link or other additional information of the desired product. 2017 this new technology will be introduced in Japan.

You can fin the link to the article and more pictures here:

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Link to the original article below:

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