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ITB connects e-business and print catalogs by accurate 2D scanning technology

COLOGNE/ZURICH, 24th October 2013 – Automatic ordering from catalogs using 2D barcodes is the future. This is one of the results of the “3. PIM- Days” of the ITB, the leading manufacturer of catalog software solutions. According to the experts, the most smart solution because of easy integration in customer IT and easy to operate scanning technology, the mobile data collection devices of Cologne AutoID developer PANMOBIL are chosen as most efficient and cost saving... The “3. PIM- Days” took place in Switzerland right above the Lake Zurich. 50 Swiss ITB customers joined the meeting. PANMOBIL was exclusively invited as one of the German suppliers. The aim of the meeting was to report about new features within the product information management system (PIM).


One of the topics: The ITB experts did present a new auto-layout feature that allows to implement individual customer catalog designs for each company in record time. "Despite the e-commerce trend, the demand for print catalogs is getting stronger," says Peter Schmidt, Executive Director of PANMOBIL during the event. "In many production companies, workers do not want to sit at the computer to order replacement or new materials. They want a printed catalog next to them on the bench, where they buckle corners on the main pages to find their products quickly."

Special interest for ITB was to enable easy automatic ordering out of catalogs using 2D Barcode. 2x2mm Data Matrix Barcodes are used, which are much smaller than the origin article number itself! These codes are printed in the catalog next to the shown products such as bearings, bicycle supplies or tools. Instead of writing down the long article numbers on order sheets, the Barcode scanner can detect the Data Matrix codes fast and accurate. Via USB, GPRS or Wi-Fi, the codes are automatically transferred to the supplier’s web shop. After transfer of order data, the customer only needs to check his order and confirm. Mistakes due to illegible handwriting and mixed numbers and the costs which go along with such mistakes, will never happen again.

ITB is glad that they found the easiest way for customer and for software using the mobile data collecting devices of PANMOBIL. "We are thrilled to see how easy it is to implement the 2D barcode system with PANMOBIL into our existing ordering system," says Daniel Bösche, Head of Support of ITB. "With the new “Scout-Technology”, the support cases and error messages have been minimized. So, we have more time taking care of our customers."

Until the next PIM days, PANMOBIL and ITB are working on the availability of the “Smart Barcode Ordering System” in all modern catalogs.

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