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JITSU - uncomplicated reordering for today’s “Werker”

JITSU means “Just In Time Supply” and stands for an uncomplicated reordering system. Everybody talks about Industry 4.0, which means production on demand. Everything is controlled by technology, but important is the human being in between, who at any time needs the material at the working place wherever he manufactures. And that without any walking distance or waiting time, that is the goal what needs to be achieved. In spite of using the most modern IT, the staff still needs to get their expandable materials (C-parts) themselves - resulting in expensive production stops. JITSU sets an end to this supply gap!


Call button – direct support for the production staff

Even in the century of the Industry 4.0, the human being is the decisive link between the idea of a product and its successive production. The most consuming

IT is applied, which is suppose to support the human being, but up to today there still exists a decisive problem in the production facilities of the 21st century. Everybody talks about Industry 4.0,which means production on demand everything is controlled by technology, reports Peter Schmidt CEO , but important is the human being in between, who at any time needs the material at the working place wherever he manufactures, without any walking distance or waiting time, that is the goal what needs to be achieved here.

"The smooth path"

JITSU is Japanese and derives from Jiu Jitsu and means the smooth path. And exactly this smooth and effective path of reordering is the goal of JITSU. How fast does it happen? Materials that are needed for the production has been taken from the shelves, but no indication is made that the material is missing. The result: the production process slows down. With JITSU this problem belongs to the past. The reordering of materials occurs thanks to the mobile JITSU Call Button automatically and very simple. Take out the material and push the mobile JITSU button and the material will be reordered. By pushing the Call Button the ordering data transfers wirelessly to the JITSU Controller, where the notification automatically gets to the right place. The ordering cannot only be indicated by pushing the button. On demand a sensor takes care of that and notices when a shelve is empty and reorders completely automatically. Thanks to the most modern wireless technology the JITSU controller can be installed wherever the working place is. If there is no shelving system than the empty

Kanban boxes can be individually scanned at the barcode reader or RFID sensor of the JITSU controller.

Keyword decentralized shelf

JITSU not only simplifies the reordering from the shelves, but also speeds up the availability of materials at the working place. That is to say that the little JITSU call button has a bigger brother for the work pocket, explains Mr. Schmidt: Instead of that the worker walks around in the warehouse to search the materials individually for the production, it is much better that the materials come directly to him thanks to the call button. That is what I call future production.

A push on the button, entering the amount and the materials will be delivered immediately. Even up to today especially in Kanban systems and in spite of expensive IT technology, the box of materials that need to be reordered, need to

be first collected and brought back fully filled on the next day. Which means to wait. The PANMOBIL JITSU shortens this reordering process. Simply hold the empty Kanban reordering box in front of the JITSU Controller the order gets directly into the system and will be delivered as soon as possible. There where previously expensive capturing systems applied to follow up with production materials, now can be reordered directly via 1 kilometer AES network. No matter where you are located on the factory premises. By the same token it is at all times possible to responsibly assign expensive tools and equipment through RFID-Fleet Management.

Peter Schmidt: The essential advantage of the JITSU System is the permanent overview what has been captured and ordered, what needs to be ordered. Via the

JITSU platform in the network it is possible to see, no matter if it is the foreman, the purchasing manager or production engineering where the assignments or rather the material flow stands. However the most simple way is, to take your cell phone and hold it in front of the barcode of the JITSU controller and there you have the overview of how the ordering process looks like. That is totally in spirit of capturing locally, information everywhere, Industry 4.0 we call it Supply 4.0 or better Just in Time Supply.

PANMOBIL summed up the application possibilities of JITSU in the current video:


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