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Liscense plate with RFID-Theft protection

A license plate manufacturer from Delmenhorst, Germany thinks too many cars and license plates are being stolen in Germany. Therefore they thought about something new. With RFID-Chips equipped plates and cars should make it much more difficult to steel cars and plates in the future.


A system out of plates and hologram label

1.60000 license plates are stolen every year in Germany. It is round about 400 per day, according to the Neue Oz. These numbers provided by the insurance called (ARAG) have been too high for "Schilderfabrikant Tönnjes". "Steeling license plates have far-reaching consequences. It contains administrative procedures and costs up to 100 Euro for the replacement" the company writes in an official report.

The relief is a new system out of license plate and hologram label. "IDePlate" is a license plate with integrated RFID-Chip. The related label will be put on the front window. "Both of the carriers contain an individual Identification number of the car. A lot of thieves like to steel plates to be able to steel gas at gas stations and flee and stay unknown. If a radar system would be installed, the license plate could be read. If these data don´t correspond with the label, the theft could be caught." says Tönnjes spokeswoman Sarah Werner. Additionally the chip in the plates could be located - which is very interesting for car fleets.

The link to the original article you can find below:

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