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"Lost your Gym Bag? Nope!" Moms developed Barcode Systems for their children

Forgotten jackets, shoes, bags - two moms in England had enough. Frequently their own children and the children of an English Elementary School lost their stuff. It is partly expensive cloth with which they leave the house in the morning. The parents unsuccessfully looked for the stuff in the school and never found them. With a self-created Barcode System two moms from the Elementary School want to put an end to this.


Barcode System instead of Name Tags

These two moms aren't alone with this problem, reports The students at the Elementary School in Milton Keynes, England frequently lose their stuff at school. The school keeps those lost stuff in many Lost & Found boxes, which will be thrown away after a while, because nobody picks up the stuff. The moms had enough looking for the stuff in the class rooms, at the Gym, asking the teachers looking in the Lost & Found boxes and all over the school and it got too expensive. They searched for a better and easier way to look for the lost stuff of their children.

Instead of putting Name Tags all over their children’s belongings, they had a modern idea. Everybody at school should benefit from that idea. Instead of simple Name Tags they created Barcode Tags with numbers, each child gets one number assigned and the Barcode Tags were sewed on the cloth, bags and shoes of the students.

Currently these Tags are Prototypes made out of paper, but the idea is: Teacher and parents are able to capture these Barcode Labels with a Smartphone-App and immediately take a look at the data base and see whose cloth it is and give it back to the owner whenever it has been found. The Lost & Found boxes aren't needed anymore.

For the principle of the Elementary School in Milton Keynes it is a great idea. As long as it helps the teacher and the parents to solve the Lost & Found problem it is a great idea.

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