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Lufthansa’s Home Tag neglects the passenger

Lufthansa HomeTag for self printing, Source: Lufthansa

Lufthansa passengers have the opportunity to print their own bag tags at home, a so called “Home Tag”. Apparent advantage: a faster check-in process without waiting in a queue at the baggage drop off due to Barcode- and RFID tags. For the airline it means less logistical effort since the passengers print out their own bag tag at home. The argument of a stress free check-in is relative, because passengers have the whole “printing stress” at home. The PANMOBIL Express Check-In process with its individual RFID tags therefore ensures not only a fast and secure baggage dispatch. Above all the passenger is supposed to have a stress free and comfortable check-in process without any big effort.

Faster Check-In process due to automatic bag tags

Thinking about it, most passengers don’t feel like going to the airport at all: long queues at the counters! Lufthansa wants to take care of this frustration and offers the possibility of the “Home Tag” for the travelers and the Online- boarding pass, to print out their own Baggage Tag instead of waiting in the queue. The passenger can attach the printed Home Tag to their baggage and drop it off at the counter or at the machines. Especially at the last mentioned the machines recognize all the baggage automatically and assign it to the right flight and the baggage drop off procedure is much faster.

Lufthansa's explanatory video for HomeTag, Source: Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Home Tag has all the travel information, return flight, baggage numbers and the owner. Additional to the written information there is a QR-code on the “Home Tags”, which consists the same data, so if the tag is damaged or unreadable, the information is still decodable. The RFID chip which is integrated in the “Home Tag” bag is supposed to care for additional data security and saved also all flight information, enables a wireless identification and is compatible with most systems of other airlines. Next to the faster check-in process the passengers are supposed to profit from a more reliable baggage transportation as well. The “Home Tags” are apparently even more weather resistant than the regular baggage tags according to Lufthansa and the identification via 2D barcode and RFID makes it more reliable for Lufthansa to assign and transport the baggage. Lufthansa currently tests the system on the flight between Frankfurt and Tokyo-Narita and it is suppose to be extended if it is successful. It all sounds pretty comfortable, but it has an issue while the baggage with the “Home Tag” can be identified faster and transported, the passengers still have to check-in at the airport or at home or even print out their own boarding pass. The apparent Lufthansa goal to keep the stress away from the passenger before the flight doesn’t add up.

PANMOBIL takes care of comfortable travelling at Quantas

Comfortable: Express check-in system with individual RFID label

Baggage check-in system, which Lufthansa follows as a goal, is already successfully in tact at the Australian airline Qantas already for years now. With the PANMOBILs express check-in system with individual RFID labels not only the fast and secure transportation in the focus, but also the human being. Every passenger gets two individualized RFID labels. One of them for the hand luggage. He identifies himself contact less at the check-in. The other one he attaches to his baggage. This will be assign to him and can be tracked gapless. The Qantas passenger save all the waiting in the airport queues, don’t have to print anything complicated at home and get faster to the plane. At all Qantas terminals worldwide the PANMOBIL UHF reader are used for years for identification of passengers and baggage and guarantee a save operation of the baggage and passenger check-in. Qantas picked out of the world wide AutoID technology the PANMOBIL technique, because all the devices can be connected to the worldwide Amadeus booking system. Mistakes or computer virus on the booking platform would mean a worldwide flight chaos and the are looking for a system which guarantees 100% security. In all PANMOBIL data capturing devices beats a heart of a full-fledge Linux computer. Therefore it is guaranteed that all security certificates and security protocols are implemented in the devices

You can get more information about PANMOBILs airline solution on:

PANMOBILs airline RFID use


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