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Master Setup: PANMOBILs biggest update up to today!

The device configuration tool “ Smart Universal Configurator” is called Master Setup from now on. And the name is program, because the configuration tool has grown considerably in its range of functions. With the Master Setup all setting of capturing and transmitting AutoID data can be realized for the first time with only a few clicks on the graphical surface – and all of this programming free. In combination with the EMMware with SCOUTtechnology PANMOBIL offers its users two revolutionary tools, with which the world of automatic data capturing is available for everybody and can be used directly without any IT knowledge.


The PANMOBIL philosophy “ Always a bit smarter”

The immediate feedback on the end of the support hotline shows: more and more user of AutoID technology do not want to engage an IT expert , who adjust their

devices to their individual system environment. They appreciate and get to know the easy and promising technology of PANMOBIL. Thank to this all settings of capturing and transmitting barcode and RFID data can be attuned by itself with only a few simple clicks. The users were used to this user friendliness with the EMMware with SCOUTtechnology so far. PANMOBIL used the same principle on the new Master Setup - work instantly with AutoID data professionally no programming knowledge needed.

Done with complicated configuration!

The “visualization” of the Config.ini is for the users of the Master Setup the biggest visible change. Up to today the device configuration on the most barcode and RFID reader change through a special text file, the Config.ini. Through adjusting certain values in this text document and the following saving of the data on the device you could for example set up what kind of barcode types should be captured with the scanner. This textual settings with which only programmer used to work with and handle belong to the past now. Thanks to PANMOBILs Master Setup all people in charge in a company like a Logistic manager get to see all features of the PANMOBIL devices in one view immediately. They can change them without asking an IT expert. Through the simple menu navigation you easily can choose, which WiFi network you want to use, which code types the 2D camera should capture, Bluetooth setting adjustment are uncomplicatedly possible, short and simply said this new tool not only means a comfortable usage, it also offers liberties which are unprecedented on the market of the automatic data capturing so far. That way every user can become a clever system specialist himself.

The Master Setup is preinstalled on all new PANMOBIL AutoID tools. When it is connected to a computer for the first time, an installation program guides you through all necessary steps. Whoever wants to update can get the Master Setup via the PANMOBIL download page. All the users who have a customized firmware should not use the new Master Setup, because their Custom-Firmware on the device has a predefined functionality which cannot be changed with the Master Setup tool.

See more in PANMOBILs current video:

To the download of the new PANMOBIL Master Setup:

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