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Mini computer without a power cable thanks to RFID technology

Passive RFID transponder don't have their own power supply, instead they will be turned off - activated and start working when they are hit by the radio wave of the RFID scanners and use that power. Scientists use this principle to supply Minicomputer wirelessly with power and with their new Transmission protocol in connection with "Computational RFID" (CRFID) they are also able to program these computers wirelessly. This provides complete new application environment for example in the medical field.


Transmission protocol WISENT

Przelmyslaw Pawelczak and his research colleagues from the Technical University in Delft, Netherland and the Washington University not only achieved to supply the Minicomputer with power, but also are able with the new Protocol and the same procedure transfer complex programs and other data wirelessly to the Minicomputer . This makes it possible for example to implement tiny computer into the human body after surgeries to supervise the vital functions and to actually leave them there for good. All of this without using a power cable or charger.

When those computer implants needed any changes in their soft- and hardware there was always the risk to take them out. With the CRFID technology in combination with the new Transmission protocol the computer don't need an external connection to a power or data cable. With the radio waves of a RFID scanner the computer will be supplied wirelessly, starts working, like measuring and transmitting. Using this principle of a passive transponder offers scientist and physicians more liberty of action.

A short view of Przelmyslaw Pawelczak work you will find in the video below:

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