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More scanning power thanks to the new development enviroment

New functions for the PANMOBIL development tools. The new programming environment “PSS30” makes it much faster and more extensive for the developers to assimilate the PANMOBIL devices to your system requirements. The main components of the new software development environment are a modern software development kit as well as the native application on Windows based systems.


Update with programming features

The surface of the new PANMOBIL programming environment

It took almost half a year for the update, but now PANMOBILs developers gave their approval to go ahead with the new software. The development environment “PSS30” replaces from now on the old PSS20 and comes with a whole new package of new programming features. Developments occur via a GlibC-based environment (PSS20: uClibc) now. The PSS30 runs trouble-free on all Windows 32 and 64 Bit versions, coLinux is not needed anymore. Additionally there are also available a native Windows-Cross-Tool chain, a native Windows version of the Eclipse IDE (Juno SR2) and a native Linux-Version. The most important renewal is the support of all current shored hardware components of the PANMOBIL devices. Therefore it becomes much easier for software developers to implement, for example the new Motorola Solutions-2D Barcode-Imager or the NXP RFID-HF-Reader into their programming.

More interoperability

Urban Wallasch a programmer at PANMOBIL

„The pre-version of the PSS30 only ran under the Windows 32-Bit-System and tonly with the loop way of coLinux” says PANMOBILs programmer Urban Wallasch. “This led us to some restrictions and to slower operation of the integrated development environment. In addition the tool chain, the compiler, the linker and all the other components, which are needed to run a computer program, were “only” based on the uClibc (standard functional library with reduced function for embedded devices). This meant an unnecessary restriction within the functional area and within the interoperability with external functional libraries. These restrictions are all gone now!”

The new PANMOBIL Software programming environment PSS30 is available on request from today on!

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