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Movies in the shape of barcodes

The website MovieBarcode transforms movies in colored barcodes. With the recent transformation of the Harry Potter movies something very interesting has been discovered.


Many frames equal one movie

A video consists of many individual pictures, the so called frames. This site MovieBarcode basically strings together individual pictures or a movie series and it creates a picture, which looks a lot like a barcode. The recent picture of MovieBarcode shows the stringed together frames that shows all 8 Harry Potter movies. In this procedure it appeared that over time the Movie makers produced the movies darker and gloomier. While the first movies had more warm brown colored features in the last movies all the colors moved towards black and dark green the more dangerous the Harry Potters adventures became.

The only exception of these dark colors is shown in a few white stripes towards the end. The last scene in the last movie, while Dumbledore and Harry Potter sit down on the flashing white King´s Cross train station and the passed Dumbledore congratulates him for his victory. writes they never saw such an emotional barcode.

Link to the original article with pictures:

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