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Negative radiation through barcodes?

For a couple of years now in the esoteric there are hot discussions, if barcodes cause evil energy on groceries by transmitting them to the product. To cover up the many requests of its customers, the German manufacturer "suppressed" the barcode on its products.


The barcode as a possible antenna for harmful energies

According to an interview in the Rheine newspaper with the German food manufacturer Rabenhorst, most of its customers who are from the ecological and bio environment see an "antenna" in the line patterns of the barcode. Supposedly these receive negative vibes from their surroundings and transfer them to the product, which among others leads to diseases.

There isn´t any scientific prove for that. Many critics have the opinion that the barcode is passive and cannot send or receive any information. It only serves the purpose to be captured from an active barcode scanner and doesn´t have any effects on the products condition. Yet the manufacturer responded for the well-being of its customers:

According to esoteric it´s suggested crossing out the barcode with a pen, so that the "antenna effect" will be eliminated. Because of that Rabenhorst printed an additional horizontal line on its barcodes to get all the doubts out of the way.

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