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Outdated ordering methods proved costly for companies

Just a few clicks and the purchase is made! For most of us E-Commerce and the comfortable ordering by internet belongs to our everyday life. Even in our professional life – especially in the industrial companies – it makes it much easier to order materials for production and administration automatically via internet. The expenses and the time exposure in merchandize planning and warehouse management can be reduced considerably, the workflows will be improved and the resources will be used wiser. In spite of all the obvious advantages, a lot of companies still reach out for expensive manual ordering methods which most of the time turn out to be the source of errors. While it is the most common thing for the end user to order the products directly from the online shop, in a lot of companies there are still columns of figures typed, formulas faxed or orders transferred by phone. You not only loose precious time, the hazard of transmitting errors and wrong orders always exists. That can’t be it!


Catalogue orderings are outdated

Especially ordering via catalogues doesn’t work out very well. The method of handwritten orders with order forms for spare parts is still used by too many companies, mistakes

sneak in because of bad handwriting, dirt or wrong digits. Consequently the wrong parts need to be send back and the right ones need to be ordered. Worst cast scenario it could lead to production failure. Furthermore an unnecessary administrative chaos starts for both sides the customer and the trader, whereas at this point the resources used to correct the error could be more useful somewhere else. Last but not least the customer is upset waiting for his order that won’t arrive on time.

The solution: Smart Order Solution from PANMOBIL

The already mentioned processes of the analogue catalogue ordering are not flexible at all and error-prone. Often it leads to visible sales losses. But a reliable alternative was missing

for a long time, which enabled a fast, error free ordering out of the printed catalogue transmitted directly to the suppliers. This changes with the Smart Order Solution from advanced PANMOBIL systems, which connects the analogue catalogue directly with the online shop of the supplier. With the help of the handy PANMOBIL Scanners smartSCANNDY®, the order takes place easily and absolutely accurate directly out of the catalogue, from a product packaging or from the warehouse shelf. No installations needed no expensive staff training, smartSCANNDY® is ready to be used right away.

Easy handling and accurate data transmission

The catalogue can be used exactly where the order needs to be done: in the middle of the production and where most of the time no computer with internet access is available: With only one click the DataMatrix-Code is captured and the product is added to the list fully automatically. After capturing the desired products the scanner is connected to the internet with a windows computer via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi and after a couple of seconds the complete order is been transmitted to a web shop. Wrong orders and escalating costs belong to the past. Thanks to the advantages of Smart Order Solution costs can be saved for the vendor and the customer! With the Smart Order Solution the efficiency of the procurement logistics can be completely exhausted. Especially for middle class businesses, which want to create a more efficient material management, the PANMOBIL solution is an ideal, uncomplicated start into the AutoID world.

Excellent, innovative technology

Not for nothing PANMOBIL received the Innovation Award-IT in the industry and logistic field of the Midsized Companies Initiative, for the worldwide unique catalogue ordering scanner, which doesn’t need any installation and realises a computer independent direct connection to the ordering system of the suppliers.

Overview of the advantages of the Smart Order Solution:

• Automated order entry • Significant simplicity and accelerated ordering processes • Error-free ordering • Minimizing the returns • Planning security in the material delivery • Drastic reduction in the return rates • High customer satisfaction • Long-term customer loyalty • In average 35% more revenue with existing customers

More about the Smart Order Solution!


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