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PANMOBIL first manufacturer for Apple- and Android certification

PANMOBIL is the first manufacturer of Barcode Scanners and RFID reading and writing devices in the world whose products are officially certified by Apple. PANMOBIL Scanner can connect for example via Bluetooth to an Apple device (iPad/iPhone) and are able to communicate bidirectional. The same goes for ANDROID and Windows.


Applications which include a high data collection effort like in the logistical-, healthcare-, maintenance- or ticketing sector, need reliable Barcode and RFID tools. The use of professional Apps needs to be well-working, error-free and usable for everyone without any big effort. This is only possible if the scanning device is up to 100% a part of the App.

„Every PANMOBIL AutoID periphery is Apple iOS certified. A secure and bidirectional connection to an iOS sphere is therefore ensured” says PANMOBILs CEO Peter Schmidt. Due to their certification, devices become “Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod” and are able to connect safely (via Bluetooth) with the Smartphone or Tablet. There are two main advantages: The App connection is sustained even if the application is being changed. No data between scanning device and Smartphone or Tablet will get lost which would usually be the case via a common Bluetooth-HID connection. All necessary applications, needed support and SDK-operating system are provided for the developer.

Not only the Barcode and RFID data collection is possible through the App integration but also the labelling of RFID transponders. Through this, new intelligent industry solutions are realizable. The easy integration of PANMOBIL scanner into another system like SAP/ Navision or local applications like Excel are an enormous advantage besides a secure handling of the device. Due to the shorter integration time, costs can be saved and the integration security will be ensured.


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