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PANMOBIL Imaging powered by Motorola Solutions

PANMOBIL invested in high performance scanning technology of Motorola Solutions. The Motorola Solutions 4500 SE 1D/2D – imager, one of the most performing 1D/2D imager in the market, enables the most maximum image depth of its field. That way, since the beginning of 2014, the cologne barcode/RFID devices can reliably detect all major 1D/2D barcode types without pre-defined distance. That been said PANMOBIL crowns, as a worldwide only AutoID company, its intelligent devices using the unique EMMware with SCOUTtechnology transfers the captured data completely automatic with a professional lens optic.


Imager with little depth of field cause problems in daily use

Whoever takes a lot of pictures is aware of this problem: if the aperture is opened widely, the captured photo does not reach enough depth of fields and parts of the

image are blurred. The same applies to barcode imagers. If you apply an imager module with a low depth of field, the device detect barcodes only at a limited distance, usually a few inches above the code. If the device is held too far away or too close then the picture is blurred and impossible for the decoder software to decode it.

Effective barcode scanning due to flexible distance range

Since the last software update in October 2013, all PANMOBIL scanners are able to capture barcodes twice as fast as before. To optimize the devices even more, it was essential to invest in a professional imager module with high depth of field.

"The 4500 SE imager module that we use on our devices since the beginning of 2014, allows a detection of codes in a flexible distance range. This is possible due to the professional lens technology integrated in the Motorola Solutions imager as well as the image editing before the image is send to the decoding software to actually decode the image, explains Andreas Binder, Head of PANMOBILs Development Department.

PANMOBILs imaging enables the application under difficult conditions

The intelligent lighting and exposure control of the imager module enables the use of the devices under different and difficult ambient light conditions, for example, scanning in a dark warehouse or in direct sunlight. Through projected laser crosshair, codes can be accurately captured even when they are printed close to each other. Due to the combination of the Motorola Solutions Imager SE 4500, the Motorola Solutions software decoder library and the high performance of the PANMOBIL devices, PANMOBIL supports the decoding of all current 1D/2D codes. These include in the 2D field: DataMatrix, QR-Code, Micro QR-Code, Aztec-Code, Maxi-Code, PDF 417 and Micro PDF. And in the 1D field: Code 11, MSI, GS1 Databar, Postalcode, UPC/EAN Code39, Code93, Interleaved 2of5, Code128 and Codabar.

Barcode Imager enable larger application fields

Differently as most scanners which detect barcode using laser technology, the PANMOBIL devices capture an imager of the code with their imager module. The advantage compared to the laser scanners is that not only 1D barcodes can be captured, but also 2D codes like Data Matrix Codes, which are often used in catalogue ordering.

PANMOBIL developer team meeting colleagues of Motorola Solutions in New York

To enable the integration of the imagers and the software in the PANMOBIL devices The PANMOBIL development team made their way to New York. At Motorola Solutions on Long Island The development teams of both companies exchanged ideas of how this works out fast and effectively for a few days. For this meeting, both teams put in several weeks worth of preparatory work. The PANMOBIL programmers developed device drivers and prepared the environment so that the Motorola Solutions imager module can be activated and the software package can be implemented. It was the responsibility of the Motorola Solutions development team to configure their software to meet the requirements of the PANMOBIL platforms."Both teams successfully worked together" states PANMOBIL software developer Volodymyr Poltavets .

"I felt like that exactly the right people set together, who asked the right questions and gave the right answers. So all technical assignments could be solved fast.” The proven technology with the 4500 SE 1D/2D imager is been used successfully since the beginning of 2014 in the PANMOBIL manufacturing process. The technical cooperation between Motorola Solutions Imager and PANMOBIL technology is so successful that the PANMOBIL development department currently works at the implementation of the successor, the 4750 SE Imager.


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