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PANMOBIL talks Lua

Programming without any special knowledge! Lua is an easy to learn script language to further develop and maintain programs. All PANMOBIL AutoID – tools are now Lua compatible and therefore are even easier to link to your own system environment – completely without any assignment of expensive software development houses. Therefore PANMOBIL continues with its tradition, develop technology which can be adjusted and expended by the user without any special IT knowledge.


“Windows text editor is sufficient for the programming”

PANMOBIL Senior Software developer Stefan Schraut

The essential features of Lua is the omission of a specific development environment, as it is common in many other programming languages. Users only need a word processing program, such as to open word pad and start immediately. “For programming the windows text editor is basically enough” worships PANMOBIL Senior Software Developer Stefan Schraut. “In editor I just need to enter my code, save the document and in connection transfer it to the PANMOBIL – devices, that’s it! Lua is ideal for people, who are not big programmer but with easy methods are able to write programmes for the PANMOBIL – devices without using any special compiler or other programming methods.” With Lua for example you can write your own small inventory programmes or other applications for logistics and industry which can be used immediately afterwards.

Lua allows rapid prototyping

Screenshot: Developing with Lua

But Lua suits not programmer with basic knowledge. Developer can refine their projects with it. Lua fills up the gap between the PANMOBIL SFL (SCANNDY From Language) and the Development Environment “PSS30”. That means that the user of the PANMOBIL – Development Environment are able to extend their programs with Lua scripts. Therefore an effective rapid prototyping is possible: new developing ideas can be implemented, tested and adopted immediately.

Successfully completed Lua testing phase

The implementation of Lua scripts into the AutoID – tools of PANMOBIL is complete! The newest version of SCANNDY – Universal -Firmware processes now Lua scripts. The new Lua – Firmware can be obtained from us on request:

+49 (0) 2203 10 334 777

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