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PANMOBILs Material procurement sweeps the board!

INDUSTRY AWARD-IT 2014 for the Smart Order Solution. The second award for the AutoID experts from advanced PANMOBIL systems! Right after the „Innovation Award 2014” which they got in the beginning of April for their Smart Order Solution, follows the Industry Award 2014 for the material procurement solution. The automatic and error-free reordering system with its Barcode Scanner is usable right out of the catalogue and convinced the jury as well.


The beginning of a story about success

Not too long ago the PANMOBIL developers clinked glasses due to the first award this year. Now they have another reason to celebrate. „The requests for our automatic order solutions are high. We set up another consulting spot to manage all as fast as possible“ says Andreas Binder, head of the PANMOBIL developing station. „It is a pleasure to see that all the hard development work bears fruits. Seeing that the Smart Order Solution is so successful makes us really happy!“

The necessary interface between costumer and web shop

The main foundation for the Smart Order Solution was established due to an old and known problem: E-Commerce and ordering online are everyday standard, but it happens quite fast: an employee writes down the item number on a piece of paper or on is hand because no right writing surface can be found. Wrong digits or an unclear handwriting result in wrong orders. The wrong item will be send and the production starts to stumble since the right parts are missing. The costumer calls the Service and complains about the wrong delivery. The wrong delivery has to be returned, the right item has to be reordered and the costumer has to wait and gets upset. An endless chain of costs and time which means lots of money, patience and anger. The Smart Order Solution is supposed to handle this problem between costumer and eShop. PANMOBILs devices are taking care of such an error-free transmission from the order to the eShop. PANMOBILs camera modules are taking care of the right reading, instead of handwriting everything down.

Regular AutoID-News

The PANMOBIL-Newsletter keeps you updated on regular topics like: barcode, RFID, merchandise management, automatic identification, embedded Middleware, costumer-specific engineering and the 4.0 Industry:

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