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Parking service with RFID

Four young business men from cologne, Germany brought a completely new parking service to life, because they were tired of all the waiting in the parking lots and the long queues at the tellers. Thanks to RFID technology parking in Germany is supposed to become much more comfortable.


A concept that has been thought through with multiple aspects

For parking in an underground garage the company "Evopark" came up with the following concept: The user is able to see via Smartphone App where parking spaces are still available to be able to get directly to the right spot, according to The garage has a RFID-Reading-Device installed and registers the RFID-Card that is attached to the front window of the car and opens the gate. Leaving the parking garage works the same way - no cash or paper needed: the reading device captures the time when the car leaves the parking garage and calculates how much time it has been parked there. At the end of the month the customer gets a sum up of all costs for the whole month.

The App and the RFID ticket are free of charge for the car driver. For Business customers the four Businessmen are coming up with a fee-based version, where parking spot will be reserved.

Currently the RFID-Parking-System exists in 16 cities - in 37 parking lots and underground garages. Until the end of next year Evopark wants to expand to 25 cities.

The link to the original article you will find below:

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