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QR-Code as a Golf-Assistant

Playing Mini-Golf is not the problem - you take a look at the path and decide how to play your ball to have the least hits to hole-in your-ball. Playing regular Golf on huge Golf courts isn’t as easy. To be able to have a look at the path before and for Golfer to practice more efficient two developers from Australia combined QR-Codes with Golf courts.


Every Golf-Parcours equipped with a QR-Code

Andy Shuttlerworth and Will Hood asked a Sport-Scientist to analyze their Golf-Trainings-Systems, writes According to him golfer could improve their results by 5 hits if they actively use the system.

Before the golfer make their first hit, they scan the QR-Code with the "36tee" App on their smartphones which is located at each teeing ground. On the smartphone you will be able to take a look at an individual video of 20 seconds where you can see a virtual map showing the path with all landscape challenges. A voice explains what to be aware of to be able to hole-in with the least hits. Golfers are able to plan their hits right from the beginning.

The QR-Code-Golf currently is used in 5 different Golf-Clubs. The goal of the two developers is to expand their system in the next 18 month to a 100 Golf-Parcours.

The link to the original-article you will find below:

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