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QR-Code Beamer handcrafted

With the "Blockbuster Pizza Box" you are able to do two things at once: Eat pizza and at the same time - thanks to the QR-Code and a smartphone - watch a movie. Therefore the pizza box transforms with only a few grips in a sneaky little movie projector for your home theater.


Big pizza with big lenses

It comes in four different designs, but one thing they all have in common: a big lens in the center of the pizza. The idea for this interesting marketing promotion comes from the advertising agency "Ogilvy & Mather" for all Pizza Hut customers in Hong Kong. When the bell rings the courier presents the pizza in a special pizza box. You just need to break out the corner prebuild for the lens then take out the lens from the center and put it into place and then put the box in front of a big white wall. Through scanning the QR-Code on the box with a smartphone you are directed to the movie. Now the smartphone just needs to be put on the stand from the pizza box. Thanks to the lens on the other side the movie will be transmitted to the big white wall at home.

Curious how the whole thing looks like? Take a look at the product video below:

Do you like to meet up for a pizza and talk about how PANMOBIL can help you to optimize your production processes, non-binding of course? Contact us the pizza is our treat:

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