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RFID Cat food

Search kitty, search! For his cat Benjamin Millam is a special master. So that the foraging for "Monkey" works out perfectly natural, he invented a special feeding system, where his cat needs to hunt down specific RFID balls and bring it as its prey to the feeding bowl to get food.


Foraging with RFID

It is never going to be tedious for "Monkey" the cat. She doesn´t stroll sluggish to the feeding bowl and eats - no! She needs to hunt, to get food. Therefore her master has hidden little plastic balls with RFID tags all over the apartment. It is like searching for Easter eggs, is it hidden in coffee bowls, in small boxes or under the pillow. When she finds one of the balls, she carries it to the feeding bowl and she becomes a tasty snack as a reward. We think: great idea!

Benjamin Millam made a video while Monkey is hunting:

PANMOBIL is not a cat expert, but we are experts when it comes to RFID-Scanner and RFID tags. Do you want to know what else you can do with RFID? In our user catalog, we put some ideas together:

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