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RFID Chip for soccer fans

Having access to the stadium without showing your club card. A big Argentinean soccer club offers its members RFID chips to be placed under the skin. The members would be able to enter the stadium with wireless control and the ticket will be saved on the RFID ship.


RFID chip as tiny as a rice grain

A tiny peeks and it is done. The General Secretary of the soccer premium league Tigre from Buenos Aires has already a tiny RFID chip in his arm, Kronen Newspaper reports. The whole system is being tested at this point. There are still some approvals from the Argentinean health authorities missing. Whenever the RFID system is officially approved, the tiny chip in the arm transfers the identity of its owner to a RFID reading devices at the stadiums entrance. This devices control if all the membership fees have been paid while everybody is passing by without any long procedures. The club wants its members to have more comfort and to give the fans the feeling of wearing the favorite club literally under their skin.

In the following video Tigre shows how the General Secretary Enrique Rocino implanted the RFID chip with the name Ticket Pasión in his arm:

Link to the original article:

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