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RFID-Chips in the fingertipps

An antenna on the head to sense ultraviolet colors, RFID chips in the fingertips to open doors: the German "Verein Cyborgs e.V."(Coburg society) campaigns for the fact that we become more and more a combination of human and machine. Their philosophy is actually to not only wear technology ON the body like the Apple Watch or the Google Glasses, but also wear it IN us to ease our lives.


Expend the body with technology

The humans, who want to complete their bodies with self-developed technology, are called "Bodyhacker". There are wheelchairs, which are navigated by brain waves or there are microchips in the eyes, with which the eyesight will be retrieved, but such technologies don´t need to have a medical history before they end up in our bodies according to the "Cyborgs". They want to use these kinds of technologies by default, so that the human body is able to evolve. They even go so far that the "Bodyhacker" can imagine connecting the human brain with artificial intelligence in the shape of processors, so that we become more efficient.

More senses by using technology in our body

According to the bodyhacker our body could learn more through that technology. For example when magnets would be implanted in the fingertips, which will transfer the electromagnetic impulses to the brain, in the future the brain could learn to develop an additional sense for feeling the electromagnetic waves in the environment. And instead of walking around with RFID scanner, in the future we would only need to "think" that we want to describe a specific formula in a RFID chip and thanks to the RFID antenna in our left ear that already has happened...

Read here for the complete article about the Cyborgs in the Berliner newspaper:,10808894,32648410.html?dmcid=sm_em

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