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RFID makes streets more intelligent

Repairing cables, laying new pipes for drains, reparation of roads: streets have to be torn and resealed because of various reasons. So that you there is a better controlling of what exactly has been done from different companies many American cities are currently testing the "Road Tag" a UHF RFID-Chip which is directly poured into the tarmac.


Fast identification of source of errors

Every year the American communities receive up to 100 complains from the residents regarding the streets, which aren´t restored correctly according to the RFID Journal. Before using the "Road Tag" it has been very complicated for the administration in case of complaints to locate which company restored which roads to be able to request an improvement. Because of this reason the idea of a more effective system was more than welcome.

Currently for all new road improvements the RFID-Tags from the company CDO Technologies are used and poured into the tarmac. These UHF Tags are extremely rough and can handle rain, snow, ice, heat and frequently being driven over by cars. The tags can be read and described by a mobile RFID Reader. When a road construction is been finished the staff-members directly transfer all the information needed to the Tag: Company name and what has been repaired. These data will be also sending to a central computer system, where the administration has access to all that information. On a digital map what, about roads that need improvement all the information can be detected with the help of the central system and the mobile RFID Reader.

"Our system is not supposed to take jobs away, says CDO-Chief Robert Zielinski. Rather it is intended to help the community to improve the management of all construction sites and improve the image of the cities by diligently executed work."

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