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RFID remodel liberies

Information everywhere, always and immediately: That is by far the biggest feature of our digital era. But not all the knowledge in the world is written somewhere in the web. Libraries and books still accommodate since decades a huge store of knowledge. To find this knowledge in big libraries by walking up and down the huge aisles and to effectively organize the books is a long and hard process. Through automatic RFID-Robots "analogue" books are supposable be available as fast as in the digital world.

RFID-Robots help employees

Especially big library equip their books with RFID-Tags, according to These labels contain to be found quickly wirelessly with an associated mobile RFID Scanner and the unique identification number of the book by passing by it. The ideal case: The installation of intelligent shelves with multiple RFID antennas, which automatically register when books are taken out of shelves or are been put back. In this case with the according computer system it would always be obvious where a specific book to a specific topic could be found. Such ideas are still extremely expensive to be realized.

Because of the same reasons the company A*STAR developed a RFID Robot especially for libraries. These use the RFID labels in the books and help the employees with the organization and administration of all the books. These RFID Robots drive independently and automatically through the aisle at night and capture with their mobile Scan-arm all RFID-Tags of the books. In the Robots arm there is a scanner installed with a reading range of several meters.

The next morning the employees have an accurate report in the computer where which book is located and in which shelf it is missing to be able to organize everything faster and be available for the visitors to help them find the books they desire faster.

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