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RFID robots for inventory

The dream of many business owner: Closing the business in the evening and returning in the morning looking into the computer and having all the data about the inventory ready. All of this without getting through mountains of cloths. Thanks to a new RFID Inventory Robot such a dream becomes reality. The owner of a fashion store tested it for a couple of month.


Approximately 2 meters big and 1m per second fast

Where exactly is that specific cloth and how many do you still have in store? With this question in mind the box shaped RFID Robot cruises through the Roberto Verino Store in Spain according to the RFID Journal. With its solid shape it fits under clothing racks, thanks to the 3D camera and the laser sensors it rolls easily between to boxes and masters other obstacles.

In the individual labels of the clothing there are invisible RFID-Tags placed, which the Robot Inventory Helper captures with its two UHF RFID antenna, which are placed right and left on its body. this high performance RFID Reader has a range of 6 meter. In this range the Robot captures the tags. It is able to capture 400 tags a second.

At places with big amounts of tags in its Inventory-Control-Range the Robot slows down its speed automatically to be able to capture everything accurately. At places with less tags it captures faster. It turns circles if the captured data aren´t correct or inaccurate.

The RFID Inventory Robot is permanently connected to its Cloud of its manufacturer to which all the captured data will be transmitted. The ERP-System of the provider is connected to the cloud. With the result that all the staff-members, the owners or the controllers at all times have access to the data in the computer or the App.

Previously the robot learns with a joystick how its route in the store suppose to look like. And memorizes it for the future rounds. For bigger stores its zone can be limited and narrowed down to inventory only in the lingerie department or in the jacket department for example.

Via Smartphone-App you are able to additionally control the robot individually and watch what the 3D camera records and where its route is. It is also possible if needed to push a button for individual inventory rounds. The integrated battery of the RFID robot is supposed to work for approximately 14 hours according to the manufacturer.

The link to the original article and pictures of the RFID robot you can find below:

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