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RFID solutions for the appartment of tomorow

NFC cards instead of using the remote control for zapping, a touch screen in the bathroom mirror which shows your emails and your schedule while you are brushing your teeth, a RFID closet which makes suggestion to what to wear according to the weather: the workshop of the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab (BAALL) collected ideas and wishes of people about how the technology apartment in the future should look alike. The latest ideas have been realized in a test apartment.


"Smart Home - Living in the future?!"

Behind this idea there is a work shop, with which the BAALL wanted to find out what kind of technology the people between 30 and 40 years are wishing for in the future for their daily routine, reports. The main ideas: the used technology in these "intelligent apartments" should be permanent and not frequently receiving updates and changes, with which you cannot deal getting older. On the same token the intelligent central controlling system of the apartment should be helping with suggestions and should never be intelligent enough to make its own decisions.

Some of these ideas of an intelligent home have been realized in a testing apartment of the BAALL. A very interesting fact is the closet with RFID solutions. All the clothes are equipped with RFID tags, so that the central controlling system of the apartment knows which clothes are available at all times. Due to the latest weather forecast which will be taken from the internet or wireless thermometer by the system, it is able to make suggestions with the help of a tablet about what would be the better choice in cloth for each day.

The link to the original article with pictures of the apartment of the future you will find below:

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