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RFID Technology-the 9 thrilling application possibilies

In the whole world there are more than billions of RFID-Tags: in products, in credit cards, in animals to locate them, in production site for controlling and so on. Partially the RFID Tags are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the regular eye-sight. The applications of the tiny radio chips will definitely increase in the following years. Here is a little overview of a few very interesting RFID applications for you to know where RFID-Tags are currently used.


The most common usage of RFID: Identification of individual products

  1. Fender-Guitars: The Guitar manufacturer Fender equipped over 30000 of his instruments with RFID-Chips, which explicitly identify the Guitars, writes the IT PRoPortal. The IDs can be read by the police, distributors and workshops. When a guitar has been stolen the police are able to identify the actual owner.

  2. Casino-Chips: RFID-Tags embedded Poker-Chips let the Casino follow up with how many guest are actually playing and how many chips are on the tables.

  3. Forgeries: Fake luxury goods are a big problem for companies in the whole world. Products like Louis Vuitton handbags are equipped with an individual RFID-Tag which the customers are able to scan in the stores before buying. If they won´t hear the correct, original peep sound than the handbag is a fraud.

  4. Production Optimization in the factory: When a product is equipped with a RFID-Tag it can be tracked down to where a RFID Scanner is located. Fabrics can see how long a product needed for each construction point to analyze and optimize the production flow.

Capturing of humans and animals

  1. Pets: one of the first RFID applications was the "Chip" for dogs and cats. In the United States and Europe many pets are equipped with such RFID-Tags around their necks. When the pets get lost the public authorities are able to scan the chip and are able to find the owners.

  2. RFID in hospitals: In a few hospitals employees wear RFID-bracelets with the goal to improve the hygiene which for example documents when they washed their hands.

RFID in the spare time

  1. Tickets: Visitors in Disney World Resort in Florida are able to enter areas which need to be paid for without showing their tickets equipped with RFID-Tags. RFID Reader at the entrance and the doors take care of the capturing.

  2. On golf courts: With a RFID-Golf Ball and a Radar Golf-Device the search for lost balls are over. The RFID-Technology shows where are the balls are located.

  3. Returning keys faster: The vacation is over and the long queues at the car rentals counters could lead to missing your flight back home? With RFID-Tags you don´t need to wait in line. The keys just need to be out on special space at the returning terminal and a RFID-Reading device confirms that you gave back the keys.

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