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RFID theft protection for skis

There seems to be a big problem to handle the thefts of skis in Austria and Switzerland. It happens more and more often that the skis are stolen, while having a break for example. A new invented RFID theft protection system should be able to take care of the problem.


Ski robbery and new business that is worth?

A total of 1200 cases per year of ski robbery only including Switzerland have been reported according to the OVB-Online. The numbers in Austria are even higher. The thefts sort out the expensive skis and sell them for a good amount of money.

Three years ago the engineer Robert Wasserrab from Pfaffenhofen in Germany had enough. After his skis had been stolen two times in a row in a very short time period he decided to develop an anti-theft protection system based on RFID.

The RFID chip is placed in the sole of the ski shoes and another one on the skis itself. On the skis there is a lock pin placed which prevents strangers to put on skis that doesn´t

belong to them. When the RFID tag comes closer than 30 cm the RFID chip sends out a 128 bit scripted signal which needs to be confirmed by the chip in the skis. Then the pin lock will be released and the owner of the skis can go head and put on the skis. Taking out the skis will automatically release the lock via a spring in the skis.

You can find more information about RFID theft protection for skis on the homepage of Robert Wasserab:

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Link to the original article:


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