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RFID-Vest: What is the favorite toy of my dog?

Bark & Co is a store for dogs especially for dog toys. Currently the chain is testing a new concept in their shop in New York: a RFID store. In that store the dogs get RFID-Vests to wear. Via smartphones the owner are able to watch what the favorite toy of their dogs is before they spend money.


"Everything from the dogs’ perspective"

The RFID store is open only 7 days from the 6th to the 12th of June and is an experiment for Bark & Co, according to the RFID Journal. Depending on the popularity and the amount of visitors the will be more or less days. "We at Bark & Co try to see everything from the dogs’ perspective", says Andreas Szalai from the BarkShop. "We want to know how dogs experience the world and what makes them the happiest."

To go shopping in the RFID dog store the owners have to register online on the BarkShop Live-Website for a 30 minutes appointment. The store in Manhattan has an open dog playground filled with different toys which are available at Bark & Co. Each toy carries a passive EPC Gen 2 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID-Tag, and is equipped with an ID-Number.

Before the dogs start playing they need to put on a RFID-Vest, which has a RFID-Reader installed. And the dogs can start playing for half an hour in the open toy playground. Whenever the dog approaches a toy the vest reads the RFID-Tag and transfers the information to Bark & Co.’s computer system. Via the right Smartphone-App the owners are able to observe with which toy their dog played the most and which one it liked the most and decide which one to possibly buy.

The link to the original article you can find below:

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