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RFID warehouses: Sample inventories are sufficient

Frequent inventories belong to the most time-consuming obligations for companies. Before the year-end closing they need to count their products and keep records of what and how much is still available. An auditing company recommends sample inventories the so called sequential tests for process acceleration. These tests are very suitable for RFID equipped warehouses and meet all legal inventory guidelines and work out a lot faster according to the auditors.


Sequential tests: Inventory with only 30 sample inventories

Warehouses that are equipped with RFID technology have the best way to keep records of their products according to the auditors, the Magazine MM Logistic reports. For example in warehouses for the clothing industry every piece of cloth has a RFID tag. These are captured frequently by RFID reader in different areas of the warehouse. All the important information about the product and its location are wirelessly send to the central system of the Controlling-System. This information is updated a few times a day. Basically it is a daily RFID inventory in real time.

In warehouses equipped with RFID these sequential tests save a lot of time and money. Sample inventories are sufficient, manually counting at 30 different areas just to double check if the RFID system works out correctly. Therefore the existing time-consuming counting will be reduced. Which basically means you don´t have to go through the whole warehouse for a complete inventory.

According to the auditor the sequential test for RFID warehouses meet the legal requirements of the article 241 paragraph 1 of the German Code of Commercial Law (HGB) and all other necessary legal requirements. The fact that the daily data are frequently send to the Controlling-System, one could assume that the inventory is nearly accurate.

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