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smartSCANNDY: one road show chasing the other!

The company group “Lean Factory Group” supports companies in the industry field on their way to lean processes and more competitiveness. The partner of the group offer know-how, hardware and software for a successful implementation of lean structure in the companies. Periodically there are road shows where the visitors experience current industry 4.0 application live. A partner of the Lean Factory is the company named “L-mobile” with innovative industry solutions located in “Sulzbach an der Murr”. Why smartSCANNDY is needed this year Mr Markus Behr from L-mobile reveals in an interview.


a. How is the road show working out for you at this point, are you satisfied?

The road show of the Lean Factory and the quality of the visitors are perfectly fine. I see that the companies visiting us here and participate at the event have a big interest in topics like AutoID and software solutions in terms of industry 4.0. We offer this in a whole package and the customers are very exited about it.

b. What does L-mobile offer their customers and what is the goal?

Markus Behr, Senior Consultant at L-mobile

L-mobile shows only a small part of their possibilities here. We commit ourselves to our product “L-mobile industry 4.0” for which we previously won the industry award 2015 (placed first). Furthermore we show our products “L-mobile log 2.0” and our mobile warehouse administration, always in connection with AutoID technology as an application to take a hold of. The direct connection to the praxis is the difference here and not only some grey theory. We want to show our customers and interested parties that in the end we are able to implement or already have implemented what we are showing here.

c. What kind of a clientele do you deal with here? What are their expectations when they approach your booth?

L-mobile-booth at the Lean Factory Roadshow 2015

The visitors here are very various – starting with staff member of the assembly line then the production or logistic manager up to the managing directors. This is what makes the topics and the creation of the event very exiting. I cannot predict who is interested in what and therefore the most various discussions and solution approaches are made. In the end we want to show our customers what the possibilities are and to open their eyes. Together with our partner the Lean Factory we succeed every time.

d. Why is this fair a good environment for PANMOBILs smartSCANNDY? What does it fit in?

Already experienced the Roadshow: smartSCANNDY from PANMOBIL

The suitable hardware is always important for the applications and the solutions of L-mobile. The focus in our company has always been on mobile business processes and how to optimize them. That is why we need perfect quality and technically perfectly equipped devices for our clients to be able to capture barcodes. However the clients can also use their tablets or smartphones. The smartSCANNDY perfectly makes this happen and is been demonstrated successfully. The feedback is throughout very good, cause we show our visitors how easy it is to use the products of PANMOBIL in combination with the solutions of L-mobile.

e. For which application fields and applications is the smartSCANNDY thought of ? what do you think of its abilities?

Excited visitors looking at Industrie 4.0 live

There is a huge range of applications, which you can think of. At this point we show it in combination with warehouse administration and load carrier management. In your own business that could for example take place at the good receipts, but also for the replenishment ordering in Kanban processes with your own clients. In the end the client and its process decide which hardware to use. We examine their applications in combination with their processes as part of a LIC (L-mobile Implementation Concept) and decide with the customer what is best for him and his processes. Also in the future smartSCANNDY will be our companion at the fair! The handhelds of PANMOBIL have a big standing for the customers and that’s why it makes sense to present it in combination with our solutions. We are already exited about the next road show with smartSCANNDY!

More information about L-mobile:

More information about smartSCANNDY:

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