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Successful return from EuroID 2013

“Is Industry 4.0 ready for AutoID technologies?” This was the main question for PANMOBIL as exhibitor at the Exhibition in Frankfurt. And thanks to the EuroID 2013, the answer was a resounding YES! It wasn’t only the right selection of interesting speakers at the forum! In our opinion, the companies which presented their products here, have the right solutions to form the future of the AutoID market. The EuroID 2013, and the feedback from the visitors at the booth have confirmed PANMOBIL in the conclusion that the industry 4.0 - environment must include the individual worker as well! Only when all employees in the companys are equipped with mobile devices to be involved in the same production procedures as the machines themselves, the companys can produce with the highest efficiency.


Industrie 4.0: The requirement for successful production processes

The industry is ready for AutoID technology and needs it urgently. European companies are not able to compete with the Asian mass production. Therefore,

the success of European companies is not in the production of large numbers but in the effective production for special customer requests. In order to succeed, small and large companies have to organize their production processes precise and flexible. Core-requirement for such a production process is that all men and machines which are involved in the production, can communicate directly with each other. Only when a central control cloud, a cloud 4.0, distributes and monitors all necessary steps, an optimized working process is guaranteed. Due to the central distribution of tasks, the processing time is reduced. The result is an optimized production. For example, a machine can report a defect to the central cloud and the cloud can look which worker nearby is able to repair it. Due to the rapid dispatching of the employee to the damaged machine, the time loss in the production process is kept as low as possible. And that's just one of the many benefits which AutoID technologies can offer to European companies.

The PANMOBIL solutions integrate this important modern technology in the industrial environment 4.0

With PANMOBILs mobile data capture devices and our intelligent EMMware, the unique embedded middleware, which can be used in any solution without time and money effort!

Let`s discuss it! Call us directly:

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Be part of the AutoID-future!

View the video report of PANMOBIL at the EuroID 2013:

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