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Surgery tools that communicate through RFID

Surgery instruments, that have been forgotten in patients, that aren't sterilized enough, cannot be found anywhere when needed: Three students wanted to change something about this. Together they applied for a "Jugend-Forscht" project and they got honored for their RFID solution.


RFID bracelets for the hospital staff

With their project the three young men 16, 18 and 19 years old wanted improvements in medical engineering. They created medical instruments that communicate with each other according to np-online.

In their "Jugend-Forscht" - project they wrote: "In medical surgeries it often occurs that mistakes happen: Instruments are not applied properly, not being sterilized properly or even forgotten in the patients." That should change Lukas Ruf, Fabian Glaser and Christoph Moser say. Therefore they want to add firm RFID-Tags to the surgery instruments.

On the other hand the hospital staff needs to wear RFID bracelets, which register who used which instruments when. The data will be sent via Bluetooth in real time to a central computer, where it can be supervised when the instrument got maintained and sterilized the last time. The system also registers which instruments have been used when and how often in a surgery.

The hard-and software to read and save the RFID data has been developed by the students themselves, after they asked experts for advice.

The website of the "Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium"(where Christoph Moser went to school) writes regarding the project: "This documentation not only prevents that instruments are forgotten in patients, it also enables comparison between two operations and facilitates the education of the future physicians."

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