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Tasting vine with a RFID bottle

For vine connoisseurs the American Start-Up "Kuvée" thought of something new a networking Vine bottle system for your home. With the RFID labels on the bottle you are not only able to get all the information about the vine via touch screen; you also are able to directly reorder the vine via the Internet-Shop.


Vine bottles with an intelligent label

"Kuvée" offers its vine in a special aluminum container, which can be put into a Vine controller. Thanks to the RFID label in the bottles it shows via touchscreen, what kind of vine you are holding in your hands, SlashGear writes. You can get information about the varietal, the taste or the fitting food. Even a reordering via Wi-Fi and E-Shop is possible and an evaluation of the different vines in the community.

These vine bottles in the special aluminum container will be opened when it is put in the Kuvée-Vine-Device and closed airtight when it is taken out of that device. These vines are supposed to last for a month and therefore it is possible to open more bottles at once. The Official selling start of Kuvée is the coming October. Up to then there are supposed to be 50 different sorts of Vine from Kuvée. The bottle container is supposed to cost 200 Dollar the refilling bottles 15-50 Dollars depending on the Vine.

Kuvée introduced its RFID Vine bottle in a video:

Link to the original article:

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