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The advance of phubbing in business

“Phubbing” is a term coined in Australia and describes people who constantly look at their smartphone while talking to you. Instead of looking you into the eyes, the Phubber checks for new messages or what's new on Facebook or something else entirely. In social intercourse, “Phubbing” is considered extremely rude. The result could be that the other person turns away when you look at your smartphone constantly. But why not take advantage of “Phubbing” in business?


“Phubbing” cannot be banned

It's far too tempting to see if there is something new, something you could miss. And basically smartphones were made for exactly that purpose: information anytime, any place! And since early 2014, more than 40 million people in Germany own a smartphone (Source: statista 2014). Considering this fact, the “Phubbing” habit will probably grow rather than diminish.

So why not take advantage of “Phubbing”?

Instead of banning the mobile gadgets from the workplace, you can use it effectively. Almost every employee in logistics and industrial companies owns a smartphone. If employees have constantly the urge to look at their smartphone to check mails or the weather forecast, they can as well be productive at the same time - they don’t even have to put their phone away. This is possible with the special PANMOBIL app, the Stock Data Collector!

For example: shops and warehouses

The logistics staff has to constantly scan the barcode numbers of delivered goods and also have to record which items have been send to customers. Above all, now in the main inventory season, they have to check if the stock numbers are correct. For all these tasks, shops usually have to invest in expensive scanner devices and additional processing software to collect the data where the goods are. In contrast, “Phubbing” with the PANMOBIL app is a cheaper alternative.

PANMOBILs Stock-Data-Collector app turns “Phubbing” into cash!

The PANMOBIL APP was developed for all relevant tasks in logistics. The worker can use it on his own smartphone in combination with a PANMOBIL device. While he surfs on facebook or checks his email with the smartphone, the employee can scan all common barcodes and/or RFID tags with the app at the same time. All that is possible in combination with a PANMOBIL scanner simply by pressing a button. The device transfers the collected data automatically via Bluetooth to the iOS or Android device. There, the data is stored and then transmitted via the free app to the existing ERP system for further processing, for example via Wifi or as e-mail attachment.

Inventories are no longer a problem with a PANMOBIL scanner and our free app

For registering goods, the app menu offers the categories goods receipt, goods issue, inventory and ordering. This allows the employee to scan every movement

of goods in a quick, safe and flexible way. In addition to the secure handling, the easy integration of PANMOBIL products into target systems such as SAP / Navision or local applications such as Excel is another huge advantage. Due to the shortened integration time, costs can be saved and the smartphone is turned into a helpful tool.

Yet another alternative: enterprise resource planning software on PANMOBIL devices

Of course “phubbing” on a smartphone is not the only smart way to do it. Despite of all benefits, you might not be inclined to use the new smartphone technology. If

that's the case, we recommend our SCANNDY and SCANNDYgun devices. The mobile data collectors can make use of the optional PANMOBIL EMMware, an embedded middleware to transfer the data automatically to various target systems. It provides the same functionality as the Stock Data Collector for Android/iOS devices, but can be integrated in the scanners by request. On the SCANNDY and SCANNDYgun the goods receipt, goods issue, inventory and order functions can be selected directly via the device keyboard. The scanned barcode or RFID data can be easily transferred by the EMMware via USB to the target ERP system from any place. The transfer starts automatically without prior software installation. It is also possible to synchronize data with any web service in the world or to transfer the collected data by e-mail. This requires nothing more but an active Internet connection.


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