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The audio QR Code for blind people

Wolfgang Plinske owns a beer garden in Veitshöchheim near Wurzburg, Germany. To make it easier for his blind guests to be able to read the menu he actually removed the braille and replaced it with QR-Codes with special audio function.


"Pulled Pork" in braille it becomes a problem

Spareribs, Smoked Pork, Pulled Pork - all of this are included in the menu of the beer garden. But the blind guests had problems with the Braille-Version of the menu because they couldn´t figure out one of the dishes in the menu. In braille it was written "Pulled Pork", but for the blind guests it didn´t make any sense and they didn´t know what kind of a dish it is.

The owner Wolfgang Plinske thought about something very smart because of that. He printed a new menu, left out the Braille-Version and printed one QR-Code for his blind guests on the menu. Scanning it with a smartphone and the menu will be read to you.

The link for the beer garden as follows:

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Link to the original article:

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