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The barcode closet from Jennifer Lopez

On her shoes, her clothes, her jewlery: every piece in her closet has a barcode and is saved in a high-tech database. This takes care of the fact that the singer and actress never wears the same thing on an event twice.


Dress code with a barcode system

For Jennifer Lopez the following thought would turn out horrible: she gets on the red carpet she will be papped with a flashlight thunder and on the next day in the Hollywood News she reads that she has already worn that dress on the las t event. That is why the 46 year old celebrity makes sures that doesn´t happen.

Every piece of cloth and accessory in her two wardrobe closets in Los Angeles and New York is equipped with an barcode item and saved in a computer data base. It gives a detail description about what kind of cloth it is, what color and which size it has.

When Jennifer scans a barcode with a scanner the barcode data base on a computer at the door not only shows her this information it also shows the information when she has worn them the last time and at which event. According to an insider of the New York Daily News, Jennifer Lopez wants to prevent to wear the same cloth twice in public at an important event. Therefore her barcode dress archive is also connected with a Paparazzi photo data base, in which she can double check by scanning the dress where and when and on which picture she has worn that dress to be able to plan in detail where she needs to wear which dress.

Link to the original article with pictures from Jennifer Lopez´closet:

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