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The dentist’s best friend

Ivoclar Vivadent offers products and product systems that support the dentist and dental technician during the entire treatment and processing process and enable them esthetic results.It is a challenge to have the right components at the right time and the right place. smartSCANNDY masters this challenge and performs a smile in the patience face.


Effective AutoID for the global leader in innovative materials

With North American headquarters in Amherst, New York, and a Canadian office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Ivoclar Vivadent serves dentists and dental laboratory professionals with innovative materials and processes for quality, esthetic dentistry across the continent. To increase the customer service and enlarge the sales potential at each customer side, Ivoclar Vivadent did decide to use AutoID scanning with IoS-Technology (Internet of Scanning).

The usual way for their customers to order products out of their wide range of thousands of products for dentists was placing an order by taking a phone call to their sales agents, or writing a letter / Email, ordering via Internet or discussions with an sales person locally. All of the mentioned “standard” ways of order processing are common, but open for failures. Mixing order numbers or misunderstandings are day by day problems, which cause cost and frustration on customer- and producer side. Long discussions, resending and waiting times are disappointing results. Ivoclar Vivadent was looking for an easy solution to avoid mistakes and increase the customer service.

Barcode solutions for special requirements

Tiny 2D Barcodes ensure an uncomplicated reordering

The solution to increase the perfection in order processing was to enable the customer to order products without remembering or noticing a part number, nor making a phone call or having a personal salesman passing by to take an order, by enable the customer to scan exactly the product, which has to be ordered.One way to do so, was to scan the barcode from the existing product, to initiate a reorder of the same item. Another way to initiate a reorder is to scan from a shelf barcode. The new way, which is a PANMOBIL worldwide unique technology, is to scan the number of the desired product out of an Ivoclar Vivadent catalogue. This paperwork, which shows and explains all Ivoclar Vivadent products, has a tiny 2D Barcode with 2,5 by 2,5mm in size printed beside any product listed. So the customer easily points out which product should be ordered. But how to get these data send to Ivoclar Vivadent? Nothing is more easy then that.

Really uncomplicated data transfer and many benefits

The PANMOBIL Barcode scanner version “smartSCANNDY” is also equipped with an USB connector, which enables the device to be connected to any PC in the World. After connecting to an Internet enabled PC, the PANMOBIL scanner does automatically send all the order data to the order platform of Ivoclar Vivadent. There is no installation of any software or driver needed, because the intelligent, LINUX enabled scanning device does support all needed technology in itself. The benefit of using PANMOBIL scanner for failure free order processing has many faces!

PANMOBIL Internet of Scanning - State of the Art in AutoID technology

First of all there is no wrong order processing at the sales side. There is also no frustration on customer side, when getting the wrong product, especially when under time pressure. But there is another point, what pays back the investment, it is the easy going order process, which forces the customer to increase the order value by order more products then basically planned to. And last, but not least, there is a large increase in trust in the easy and save ordering process, by choosing Ivoclar Vivadent, which tightens the customer relationship. After recalculation of investment versa resending and re-processing orders plus customer with hotline discussions costs and calculating the value of all “add-plus” buying, because it’s so easy, the return of invest was shorter than expected. Automatic order processing is the best customer relation program to show up being “State of the Art”.

Convince yourself from the easy way to capture and transmit AutoID data with PANMOBIL technology:


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