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The faster you order the more money you make!

If you are honest ordering things is no fun now-a-days! In today’s Industry ordering material for production and administration is every day’s work. Even though this is very expensive and consumes a lot of time down the production chain, there are still a lot of mistakes and costs in the ordering process. Although the Customer Production already combines offline contributions with online shopping offers, there are still companies which type down the ordering numbers, fax forms, order by telephone. It costs valuable time and there exists a huge risk of transferring wrong data and ordering the wrong product. It is about time to change something about this together! The PANMOBIL solution - Provide your clients with the ordering scanners and make them to faster orderer!


If it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to say we would even say it is for dummies!

There is nothing you can do wrong with this creation. Scan, transfer data that is all about it. Your clients depend on fast and correct delivery of products and administration materials. That is why every wrong order is a huge

disappointment. Make your life and your client’s life easier. Help them to avoid mistakes from the beginning: Let them use PANMOBIL´s handy smartSCANNDY® to gather and transfer the data for ordering. Everybody is able to order without any mistake no matter how complex the ordering is. The gathering of the data is either from catalogs, the product itself or the warehouse. By pushing only one button the product will be scanned and added to the ordering cart or will be deleted from it. After all the ordering data have been scanned and added to the cart, you connect the scanner with USB to a random windows computer with internet connection and after only a few seconds all the data is 100 % correctly transferred to your web-shop. By emailing or any other desired way of communication you can transfer the ordering data. After you are done you just need to take out the scanner from the computer that is all about it. It seems unbelievable but the truth. Like mentioned before, it is foolproof and absolutely fast. Let your clients use PANMOBIL scanners and make them to faster orderer!

This is smartSCANNDY®

+ It collects and transfers orders fast and absolutely accurate. + You can use it right away no instruction needed.

Ordering with smartSCANNDY® is so easy that your clients will use it more often. Our experiences show that all the smartSCANNDY clients have an increase of 35% in ordering material. You can individually design your smartSCANNDY for your own corporation and it will remind your clients of an extraordinary service that you offer every day.

The Data Matrix- Code

This tiny little thing connects you digitally and analogical! In the most offices and in the production area the printed catalogs are still the first choice for the ordering process. Until today it lacked the secure possibility to transfer the

purchase order report fast and accurate to the distributor. Mistakes by transferring item codes and misunderstandings while ordering by phone were on the daily based schedule. Now you have the opportunity to use this analogical tool and combine it with an accurate online ordering service: The Data Matrix-Code!

Data Matrix-Code: the digital item number

+ Original size: only 2.5 * 2.5 mm + Contains the products item number in a scanning format + Assembles inconspicuous with any layout

Take a close look!

There will be a little Data Matrix-Code added to every item number in the catalogue, which includes the digital ordering number. Thanks to the current

layout programs all of this occurs automatically. The inconspicuous small boxes do not affect the layout at all and connect your analogical catalogue with the online shop. Whenever your client is the owner of the printed catalogue, he can use our easy to handle smartSCANNDY to order the product of his choice by only pushing one button with complete accuracy and automatically add it to the purchase ordering list. Without filling out any ordering sheets and definitely having transposed digits in your order, which also is very time-consuming and leads to more costs for wrong orders.

No software or anything else needed! It works!

Our ordering system convinces your clients and your It- department with its technical convenience. You do not need any additional driver or software. The middleware to connect and communicate with the ordering system is already included in our smartSCANNDY. There is not possibly an easier way to order! A random windows computer with internet connection is enough as an adjustor. Therefore there are no additional costs for the new ordering system or new software or the proof of concept, neither for any training or services charges. Wherever there are no questions there is no need for a Hotline either. The scanners are so easy to handle that you will not need any customer support hotlines and save the money.

It is really easy: Like Germans say: Whoever is able to calculate has a big advantage.

What would you say if the ordering sales figures increase by 35% and your costs would decrease. Did you ever calculate how high your loss is in your company by incorrect orders? We are not only talking about the obvious costs like shipping or debasement, but also the time-consuming facts that your co-workers spend on the return hotline or even the warehouse holding costs. You save these entire huge amount of money and you also achieve a much higher customer satisfaction having our smartSCANNDY as an everyday tool in your offices. Your clients will love the fact of how much time they save and no more delayed order deliveries. This positive experience of ordering made so much easier definitely lead your clients, who does the scanning themselves, to be faithful to our scanners and you experience an increase of the sales figures by 35%. If you take a look at all of these facts and consider that there are no additional costs what so ever for training, hotlines or Installation, you come to a conclusion that there is no faster and cheaper way than our ordering system. The introduction of our faster ordering system pays off after only a few months.

Perfect! Ordering with PANMOBIL Smart order solution

The worldwide unique catalogue scanner convinces the committee of experts. Our easy to handle scanners and the automatically connection with the computers already brought us twice the “The Best of” grade. All the advantages of our faster ordering system we summed up in the following movie. See for yourself!

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