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The giant QR-Code from a city in Germany called Wurzburg

The size is 12 times 12 meter and it alternates between dark and light grey stones. The marketing department of Wurzburg came up with a great idea for their city center. A huge QR-code that is even discoverable from up above.


Little effort – huge marketing achievement

The city center in Wurzburg has been a big construction site for the past few months. The result a giant QR-Code with the size of 144 square meters. Capturing that barcode gives you a lot of information about the shopping opportunities of the city center. Small QR-codes are placed on all four sites of the giant for everyone to be able to scan the code with their smart phones; obviously not everyone is able to climb the ladder or to fly with a plane over the giant QR-Code to capture it.

The makers of the giant QR-Code have another goal. They want the google satellite to show the QR-Code on Google Earth the next time it takes pictures of Wurzburg, so that everyone is able to scan the code on Google Earth directly and get the information right away.

Find the link to the original article and pictures here:

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