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The Inventory App lets children’s eyes sparkle

“Last Christmas” is playing in the radio, wish lists are being written, the advent wreath is decorated and all the chocolate is waiting to be eaten – the advent season just started! Many costumers, young and old ones are running to the stores with only one goal: To buy presents for their loved ones! It happens quick any many shelves are empty fast. Fast replenishment is needed! Supplies have to be restocked in time, in order for Santa Claus and his helpers to not buy their presents somewhere else. In that case, toy stores trust in their special angles who take care of the restocking.


Special angles take care of fast restocking

One of our „angles“ who takes care of some of the restocking is Hans-Peter Bissinger. He is a sales agent for presents and toys, among others for the children’s radio play company BUSCH from Viernheim. Around Christmas time he is working all around the clock. He is not only offering organized shelves but he is also taking care of the inventory and checks what is left and what is needed.

„Our customers have special shelves in our stores which we design and equip” explains Bissinger. “A shelf is between one and two meters long and consists between 600-1200 items. Till now, I used to work with a catalogue where I handwrote everything down from. What is missing and what is needed and needs to be restocked. That was time consuming and work intense since not everything is where it belongs and I had to count everything! I needed at least 1,5 – 2 hours for a regular two meter shelf. Collecting everything and writing everything down took me way too long. I did not even had enough time for costumer consulting!”

The PANMOBIL magic wand makes long inventory hours disappear within a few minutes

Bissinger needed a cost-effective solution which he could use with his iPhone or his iPad. He manages everything with his iOS devices since he is not working only at one spot. Other companies also offered me Scanner solutions but none of them worked together with my iPad or iPhone. I had to buy a whole new expensive package with all new complicated instructions. With PANMOBIL I can use my own technique which I already got. I like those “bring your own device” – solutions”, says Bissinger.

After a lot of research, the „toy angle“ decided to take PANMOBILs smartSCANNDY. A mobile scanning device which can be used with the PANMOBIL Stock-Data-Collector App. The App was developed for all relevant tasks concerning the logistical area and is usable with the users Smartphone and our PANMOBIL device. You can scan every common barcode or RFID tag with the OANMOBIL scanner and its App. All the collected data will be send via a Bluetooth connection to an iOs or Android device. The data will be stored temporarily with the gratis App. The data will be transferred to an existing merchandise management or ERP system for example via WiFi or as e-mail with a file document attached.

The Inventory is as easy as never before – thanks to PANMOBILs magic wand, the smartSCANNDY

“The best thing is, we are constantly saving time” says Bissinger. “I only need a few minutes for many different items, instead of taking hours writing everything down!” There were many mistakes and error on the handwritten noted before smartSCANNDY was being used. Bissinger is standing in front of the shelves and scans them easily. No more mistakes when writing everything down! He sends all the collected data, which is temporarily stored on the scanner, with the App and an easy e-mail file attachment to his home computer. Working from his home office, he sends the order to his costumer to check and approve everything again before he sends out the new order. The result: More satisfied customers and less unnecessary costs for wrong deliveries and corrections.

Working correct due to the Apple certified technique (Made for iPhone/ iPad)

Another advantage is the intermediate storage even if the application on the PANMOBIL device is being changed. This is possible due to the special Apple certification (Mfi) which will not lose any data. The work will not be disturbed even when an e-mail is being received or a customer is calling. Constant availability is very important for Hans-Peter Bissinger. Not being reachable, automatically means less sales.

„I’m not taking anything which will not work!“

Thanks to PANMOBILs technique, Mr. Bissinger does not only have more time to visit his customers but also to consult them properly. He often had to rush out from work to consult at least one or two people in the time where he used to write down everything by hand. This belongs to the past with the PANMOBIL scanner

and the Stock-Data-Collecter App. After reducing the inventory time to a minimum, Mr. Bissinger was able to increase the consulting quality as well. “PANMOBIL is offering me a stable and reliable system. The App is updating itself automatically as well” says Mr. Bissinger existed. “I’m also playing around with the Software at the moment, just to see if I can work faster if I’m not using Excel but the automatic data transmission. I’, pretty sure I will also decide to take PANMOBILs offer on that since their device will integrate itself into my system topography without me, taking any difficult new installations or updates. I’m not taking anything which will not work! And PANMOBIL is definitely working!”

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