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The question between: Are you still programming or are you scanning yet?

Logimat 2016: Two huge monitors on the PANMOBIL booth show two different movies. One of them shows stressful meetings and difficulties to organize everything and being stressed about losing money and time consuming procedures. The other movie shows how easy and relaxed the scanning procedure works out and how easy it is to make money. The big topics for PANMOBIL on this year’s Logimat are the questions "Are you still programming?" or "Are you scanning yet? “


"Are you still programming?" - A question that is meant to be provocative.

What are the actual costs to combine modern AutoID with existing warehouse or ERP-systems? The programmer and the responsible ones needs to sit together and discuss how to transfer captured Barcode-/RFID data into existing system environments.

Unfortunately system specifications, many meetings and making plans still exist. Procedures are established - all of this just for transferring captured data into another system. This continuously leads to undefined costs and takes away valuable time which comes on top of the actual investment.

"Are you scanning yet?" - Set an end to unnecessary budget loss

PANMOBILs devices are equipped with all tools needed for the connection to the final system. All the costs mentioned in the first question won`t matter anymore. In less than 10 minutes everything is ready to be scanned. You take your device and connect it to the computer. A configuration window opens up, you choose the transferring channel and click on the destination and that's it. From this moment on all the meetings and plans that we were talking about in the first place are settled.

This is what PANMOBIL realizes with its embedded Middleware and answers both questions.

You want to get to know more about our EMMware with SCOUTtechnology? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to assist you:

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