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The RFID-Backpack

Every morning this uncertainty! Did I pack everything I need? Or did I forget my keys, ID, Smartphone charging cable and my notebook on the table at home? Do you know this feeling? A provider equipped his backpacks with RFID-Technology so that we won't need to ask ourselves these questions every morning.


A look at the smartphone is enough

On all items which you don't want to forget you are able to put a RFID Transponder before you put it into the Klifit-Backpack, writes The RFID Reader on the top of the backpack registers this items which have the transponders on. Paired with Bluetooth you can see on the App in one view which items are in the backpack and which items are still missing. A push notification is also available to remind you to take a specific item with you if it isn't in the backpack, yet.

The link to the original article you will find below:

Are you interested in exciting user reports from the world of Barcode and RFID? Download our User-Catalogue for free as a pdf-file:


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