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Transponder guided relocation of the art gallery K20 in Düsseldorf

From the application archive: RFID technology and PANMOBIL scanner support the transport of art work in the summer of 2007. The transportation of art work or other antiques is a challenging task. Valuable art pieces are highly insured and not repairable or replaceable. The art gallery K20 in Düsseldorf billeted out all art pieces of the entire museum in many different warehouses due to a two year expansion and renovation n 2007. Thanks to PANMOBIL the explicit assignment of the right location and the identification of each art piece was assured.

The art had been stored in special transportation boxes and partially even packed with climate units. They still have to be available if someone wants to borrow a piece for an exhibition or something like that. Owners of loan collection had the right to know where their pieces were stored and the exact location. Together with PANMOBIL and the application of RFID technology a solution was found, which provided the precise identification of the art within the warehouse, transportation box and geographical position field in addition all the information needed to be saved on a particular internet platform created by PANMOBIL in order to ensure the right location of the art pieces.


Constant identification because of RFID tags

It was important that there would not be any damages on the art pieces, that is why the museum’s director supervised the PANMOBIL RFID tagging. The RFID tags saved all the information of each art piece and all the important information about the art piece: Clear identification, transportation and storage location. Thanks to PANMOBILs SCANNDYgun, all these needed information could be saved and no difficulties arose. Every scanner was connected with GPRS and connected with the PANMOBIL developed museums server at all time. All information could be checked and controlled like that.

Goal: Damage prevention at a highly sensible transport because of possible thievery, confusion, in time responsibility and loss of trust through the client. PANMOBIL prevented all this successfully with its RFID technology. The online connected RFID scanner and the platform which was especially made for this project ensured an accurate process – as well as the clients and the museum director’s satisfaction.

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