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UK: Ministry of Health invests millions in new barcode systems

Six hospital organizations in UK receive about 2 Million GBP to realize the barcode standards of "GS1" and "PEPPOL"(Pan European Procurement Online) and to equip all the hospitals with the according technology. They are suppose to have the most modern healthcare technology and be a raw model for all other organizations.


Patience will be scanned more

A better and more secure care, a more efficient use of the budget and an optimum administration of the goods in stock - these are the main goals that the English Ministry of Health is hoping for with the new technology reports Pirate FM. The new systems, which optimize the daily work process at the hospitals with the help of Barcodes, Scanner, and Computer systems in first place are thought of for the patience security and for more efficiency. The barcode systems provide the physicians with the information about the patients treatment, which medications have already been prescribed or what kind of surgeries have been made. This system not only prevents that the patient get to the wrong surgery room it also makes it possible to treat the patient with the best care from the first day at the hospital until the last day of recovery.

How sergeants, pharmacists and the hospitals are supposed to profit from the new Barcode-Systems is shown in a video from GS1:

Here the link to the original article:

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