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USA: High school students develope RFID systems against weapons

It is a sad statement. Since 2013 there has been 178 shootings at American schools according to the club of weapon safety "Everytown". These numbers obviously scared three students from Miami. In class they developed with the help of a RFID-Chip company and a test version of a RFID software the idea for an Anti-Weapon-Security System based on RFID, which is supposed to minimize shootings at schools in future.


The idea came while skiing

Esther Benasayag, Albert Wolak and Abraham Woldenberg are students at the Scheck Hillel Community day school in Miami according to TECH TIMES. In their STEM-Class one of them remembered the last ski vacation where the lift tickets had tiny RFID chips, which accurately registered when you got into the lift and when you got out. A matching App recorded precisely how much skiing has been done for the day. The three of them thought about using the exact same RFID System for their school and protection against illegal carriage of weapons.

On the website of Portable Technology Solutions they found this test version of a RFID administration software which they were able to use for their idea. They obviously did not have enough budget so they asked the CEO of the RFID company for help. The CEO has been so thrilled and not only gave them RFID chips for their project, he also asked one of his developer to work on the RFID System with them.

The result is a RFID-Detection-System for the school entrances, that shows the profile picture with the attached data of weapon owners on the monitor and helps the security staff for a better monitoring of the students coming to school. More details of how it exactly works stays a secret most probably because of patent reasons.

The students want to publish their RFID System for other companies, schools and politics.

See below for the link to the original article:

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