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Will there soon be invisible barcodes?

The barcode existing today has a lot to deal with. Besides the item number it should also have some extra information like expiry dates, detailed information about the product and the targeting groups that frequently change. To fit all the information requirements from the industry and the commerce there are next to the classical EAN-Code, also a QR-Code or a Datamatrix Code. GS1 is currently working on a new solution so it is possible to put all these information in just one barcode on the products. In cooperation with Digimarc Corporation these barcodes could be invisible in the future.


An AutoID data base for all information

The idea of GS1: instead of different barcodes on a product, only one data base which carries all the information of the supply chain like the important product data, the nutritional information all of this with a smartphone of the customers in the shop. This new and uniform solution should guarantee a very easy handling from the customer view and also gives the producers a creative leeway on the packing, the "Handelsjournal"writes.

A very interesting candidate for this goal at this point is the invisible Barcode from Digimarc Corporation. This new development cannot be recognized with the eyes and works with water sign grid, which will be printed on the whole package. In the GS1 Knowledge Center in cologne this new code will be tested to see if it keeps all the promised solutions.

A video from Digimarc and the invisible barcodes find below:

Link to the original article:

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